ID2 provides, PDA based, customised digital documentation, bespoke to client’s needs via secure Apps. Information and instructions are supplied on board and responses captured through touch screen entry.

Examples of features:

  • the ability to view documents on screen instead of printing them
  • the ability for team members to access, and comment on, the same documentation to suit their needs
  • making routine updates to controlled documents by an authorised person, such as the Designated Person Ashore (DPA), for fleet wide circulation
  • allowing single data entry to be inserted into various forms thus avoiding multiple repetition and elimination of transposition errors
  • transmission of data via the method most suited to a Client including satellite or mobile telephone

Recording responses (checklists) with timed digital data

Responses to instructions in digital format are completed by the seafarer, in situ, using touch screen entry demonstrating authenticated evidence of compliance. The timed digital data improves management’s confidence in confirming the uniform implementation of operational requirements but also the data removes the risk of paper records being manipulated in any evidence gathering requirement following an incident. It also saves time for the seafarer and allows him to demonstrate he has completed tasks for which he is held accountable.


This system achieves:

  • paper free authenticated confirmation of completion of compliance tasks on board
  • digital data captured is contemporaneously available ashore
  • digital data for analysis and trending enables support to vessel to anticipate mechanical failure
  • immediate auto alerts ashore on key words in the incoming data
  • any data captured can be configured from all sources to meet different reporting needs, for example Auditors requirements, Port State, Flag etc
  • ‘traffic light’ reporting on key data is automated to named devices
  • evidence of work done = removal of doubt
  • updating documents on board: a single ‘publishing’ goes to all ships; with auto confirmation of receipt and auto archiving
  • delivers improvement in ship/shore communications
  • paper elimination restores time for seafarers to better deploy
  • evidence of authenticated, timed actions gives confidence in the consistency and standards of the operation of the vessel


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