Description of Technology

Our core technology uses Apps in hand held devices to provide two way communication between the Shore Management and their Seafarers. This is available at the actual point of work. There is no software required on the vessels’ servers with all data export being automatically streamed through the vessel communication system.

  • Tasks to be performed are presented in the Personal Data Assistant (PDA); simple check lists for making responses are entered by touch screen; embedded links to supporting information/instructions are available.
  • Where a series of tasks are over a large area, an Engine Room Log for example; Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) mark areas; the PDA reads the tag; which cues the questions to be answered there.
  • The system records the time of each action, the name of the sailor and authentication of where the task was performed.
  • All data is auto-filed on board and exported ashore to the receiving site through a secure link; with data available for analysis.
  • This data originated by the action of sea staff can be reported with data from other sources, designed as requested by users.

The technology used on board:

  • Hand held PDA devices/smart phones – ATEX as required
  • RFID tags at relevant locations – ATEX as required
  • Company documentation in digital format

Technology Overview

For cost information tell us what you want to have; what we can help you solve; for how many vessels and whether ATEX applies.

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