Supply of this Service

The application of this System covers all parts of ship that require a seafarer to take an action, make an observation or report what he has seen and done.

We supply and manage the service via Apps. This means the seafarer has a PDA or tablet with him at the place of work in the ship. He sees the detail of the procedure and tasks to perform, with links embedded to supporting information, diagrams, photographs, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) instructions and so forth. He is then able to record by touch screen entry and photographs what he has done and what needs to be reported. On completing and closing the task the system auto files on board and queues for export ashore on the vessels’ communication system.

What do you need?

  • Advance warning of mechanical failures
  • Authenticated proof of compliance
  • Protection from MARPOL transgressions
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Customised Documentation for your Company

The application of this System covers all parts of ship.  The seafarer can be running several open reports at the same time, he can add data to any report he is making as he needs.

The focus is on IMO compliance documents; company procedures and any other matters will be developed as requested.

For ease of reference we structure the supply of Apps in Tasks Groups to reflect client requirements:

Standard procedures required to comply with the IMO Codes are customised to client requirements and typically grouped to be available for on board departments as follows:

  1. Bridge Procedures Group includes standard procedures for compliance by the Deck Department for example, with the Safety Management System and inspection and maintenance of ship’s safety equipment
  2. Engine Room Procedures Group includes standard procedures and Safety Management in engineering spaces and procedures, for example, Permit to Work
  3. Operations – including Cargo Handling Procedures
  4. Procedures originated or customised to client specification for non-standard tasks and data collection

Hardware and Support:-

We do this through the following actions:-

  • Specify requirements for and recommend Smart phones and PDAs for clients to purchase direct
  • Recommend and as necessary supply RFID tags
  • Provide Apps through the Google App Store – with clients controlling licences
  • Operate the secure system for all data management
  • Support clients’ users on board and ashore
  • Operate through an annual licence fee for each vessel

Software System

The software is based on a core system adapted to client fleets, ship types and individual vessels; it is delivered in a closed secure system between vessels and a single receiving point ashore, in Scotland.  The system is based on a system developed for airline use for remote data capture.


All App groups use the same PDAs and Tablets for data handling; identification tags – RFID – are used to uniquely identify equipment and places; where appropriate sacrificial RFID tags are used to demonstrate integrity of pipelines or other appliances, for example, oil drums. The PDAs are available as normal units and Intrinsically Safe. Responsibility for providing hardware lies with clients.