Technical Overview

Our aim is to provide systems for our clients’ management teams and crews to deliver more efficient and accurate ship operations.
We achieve this by providing tablets or smartphones to enable the seafarer to:

  • access the description of tasks and procedures required to be carried out on board
  • utilise touch screen reporting of tasks
  • confirm completion of tasks
  • carry out these actions at the site of work including deck areas and engine room spaces

App technology is used to run this system; it supports embedded links to information on the tasks to be performed and all of the data collected are auto-filed on board and ashore in real time. There is no place for paper. There is no software on the vessels’ server. Data is exchanged in a secure system and stored on board and ashore. Remote access to load the Apps is provided through Google Games store. Updating procedure documents is done by clients’ staff; ‘publishing’ new documents through the App automatically distributes to all holders of the App with auto acknowledgement of receipt of the change.

Our focus is on the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirements:

We therefore bring together clients’ documents required to show compliance with these Codes:

ISM: International Safety Management with clients’ Safety Management Systems procedures to meet the requirements of the Code

ISPS: International Ship & Port Security Code: procedures relating to Security

STCW: International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers: records of training and hours of work and rest

SOLAS: The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea requires ships to comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation.
The documentation for these Codes is company specific but must meet the requirements of the ISM Code when audited by the “competent authority” i.e. Flag State or, if delegated by Flag State to a Classification Society.

ID2 provides clients’ with customised documentation for each fleet. Control of content, updating and archiving of documents is managed by client company staff through web access to the control site.

Where Flag State approval will be required for some records such as Oil Record Book, Official Logbook, Certificates of Competency, ID2 will work with client’s Flag States to secure approval of this form of reporting.

It will be clear however this technology and system is capable of being adapted to client needs in any format for transmission of information in both directions and capture and export of data by sea staff.

There is no pressure to take the whole system; any starting point is possible.

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Our Apps…

  • We provide software systems enabling direct two way communication with seafarers, delivered via Apps into portable devices on board.  This provides for real-time exchange of data from the sailor, at any place of work on board, directly ashore.
  • The App holds instructions, procedures and support information to back up and clarify the tasks to be performed.  Completed tasks are reported in data capture screens, touch screen entry; on closing the system all data are exported and auto-filed on board and ashore.
  • No paper reporting; once only data entry, in situ; digital data ashore.
  • Our library of the main ISM code responses can be customised to your specification.

Deck App

  • Bridge Procedures
  • Safety Inspections
  • Lifeboat Inspections; Operations; Maintenance

Engine Room

  • Engine Room Log
  • UMS
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Plus much more…

Operational App

  • Cargo Handling Procedures
  • Paper free authenticated confirmation of completion of compliance tasks on board

Bespoke App

  • ID2 can provide, tablet based, customised digital documentation specific to all Client’s needs using innovative applications offering bespoke and secure systems.