Dr Phil Anderson

“…you are involved in spearheading not only an extremely interesting work product but one with enormous potential value and benefit to our industry and the advancement of safety at sea. I extend my congratulations to you and your team and, as far as my existing workload will allow, I would be honoured to offer any help / advice that I can to help move forward.”

Dr Phil Anderson BA (Hons.), D.Prof., FNI, MEWI, MCIArb., AMAE, Master Mariner.

Managing Director, ConsultISM Ltd

Tim Knowles

Enhanced vetting performance

Sire Inspection: This would also be seen as a very strong proactive move to the Vetting organisations.

TMSA support: The issue with TMSA is often accurately identifying the TMSA level attained. The use of the equipment in this way would also give confidence to the vetting organisations that the Company was using best endeavours or exercising due diligence to ensure the TMSA level was correct.

Oil Major Vetting: A big issue is “Saying what you do and doing what you say”. I see this equipment as providing evidence that the operator not only has comprehensive operating instructions (saying what they do) but that they also check compliance (doing what they say).

Demonstrating TMSA Level: This system can be used to demonstrate in a vetting sense that performance / compliance trends are being monitored across the fleet. This is important as the Operator’s TMSA level should be at one with their business objective and therefore it can be used with customers/charterers to demonstrate the business operating objective is being achieved.

Incident Review: The issue is to show the vetting organisations that preventive efforts were in place (even if unsuccessful) and that helps to narrow down the cause and future preventive actions.

All the above show the vetting organisations that the Operator is taking its responsibilities seriously and that it is a safer risk than an operator that does not carry out this sort of action.

Tim Knowles, Master Mariner, MNI

Author, Tanker Vetting, Witherby’s Seamanship