ID2 offers a range of products and Services capable of delivering technological solutions specifically targeted on providing real time evidence of compliance with safety procedures.

By implementing these solutions (described in detail in the product section of this plan) ship owners and operators will be able to:

  • Transform the paper-based system and replace it with digitalised data providing information and authenticated proof of compliance (estimated at over 500 administrative documents alone for the ISM Code)
  • Access the competence and willingness of seagoing personnel to contribute to the safe operation of the vessel through direct availability of Company Instructions with authenticated evidence of completion with their duties, made transparent to all
  • Maintain visible records for the ships on-board management; records which can be easily shared in real time with shore-based management
  • Provide nation/language neutral evidence of compliance with key safety measures
  • Facilitate rapid implementation and training for all sea-going personnel, thereby reducing on-going operating costs
  • Minimise the risks inherent in non-compliance (or at best superficial / non-evidentiary compliance) with key safety procedures
  • Save cost

AND most importantly

  • Save lives; reduce incidents and accidents and un-necessary cost.

Our Aim

Our aim is that our clients:-

  • Achieve more reliable and profitable ship operations
  • Have authenticated evidence of compliance
  • Will avoid MARPOL transgressions.

These achievements are delivered through:-

  • Safer working practices.
  • Improved man-management.
  • Elimination of paperwork.
  • Currently unavailable digital data and records.

Members Area

“When IMO introduced the ISM and its SMS it was always going to be difficult to ensure it is complied with.  I am supporting ID2 because I see it as an industry necessity to address this and ID2 nails compliance!”

Stuart Crawford

Fleet Director, Seaspan Ship Management